Larger text and an intro game

Among the latest improvements of my think tool: larger text, and an intro game.To import the intro game or the tutorial map, go to the Insert menu.

For text zooming, go to the Advanced menu, or use CTRL + and CTRL – or (Mac) CMD + and CMD – or/and the settings of your operating system for menu text sizes or both.

Zooming the map itself, is still not possible, because the Condensr has a different approach to handling the relationship between overview and detail (its two panes). There is no hierarchy among the items that would lend itself to some ‘cartographic generalization’ (i.e. larger and smaller and vanishing labels). If you want such zooming, has teased out how to perfectly do this.

That said, there is now a ‘bird’s eye view’ kind of zooming available via the Advanced menu. With the Condensr’s affordance of importing large amounts of items, there is a temptation to grow the map larger than useful. So you may need assistance with long-distance moves. Either you may zoom out, then pan the map, and zoom in again. Or if you want to follow a long-distance connector-line, there is now a ‘Jump to End’ function available from the Advanced submenu of the line’s context-menu (right-cllck).