Map a topic

I recorded a little video of how Condensr can be used for a very a interactive learning experience.

What you see:

  • Downloaded a text
  • Split the sentences: Find & replace . (period plus space) by ^p (line break);
  • Open the Condensr demo (;
  • Select all, drag it onto the Condensr via its task bar button (the Zoom screen sharing doesn’t show that well, try it out yourself);
  • Student’s activity starts: highlighting, rearranging and connecting.
  • In the Detail pane, doubleclick a word, and press B+ (‘Bold special’) to put that word on the selected icon;
  • Copy a selected word via the ‘more’ button to clip-board,
  • create a new item by rightclicking the canvas,
  • and paste the word into the label field.
  • Color the new icon red by rightclicking it;
  • Move icons around, in particular to keep differences apart;
  • Connect an icon to another one by drag + alt or drag + middle mouse button;
  • color it by rightclicking.