September release

A new release of my think tool is now available in all three distribution formats, .msi for Windows, .dmg for Mac, and .jar for Java. It includes many updates from several Java-only releases, and it can be also downloaded from Github:

Pictogram of a gift package. The colors have no particular meaning, but the wrapping paper is green and the ribbon is light blue.
  • The most important update might be the improved editing in the text pane, with the obstinate problem of line-breaks finally solved, and Undo/ Redo;
  • as almost always, there are plenty new importers, most notably an importer for annotations from Zotero, and an im- and exporter for the interactivity framework H5P. Furthermore, importers for Powerpoint, Roam, Tinderbox, edge lists, gRSShopper, and an experimental JSON format.
  • I have added a few features that help demonstrate how the tool can cope with large network maps: There is an option to check if the map can be made overlap-free, there are more filtering options for the big thesaurus demonstration, and there is even a random map generator with a puzzle game.
  • Minor easements include: Panning vertically by mousewheel, storing always as .xml, deleting the contents of the selection rectangle by the DEL key.
  • Under the hood, a lot has happened to make the source code more digestible for other developers. In particular, a subpackage called ‘Core’ covers all the distinctive properties, its documentation (Javadoc) is ready, and the big nightmare input class was disentangled.