Utility for Twitter Exit

1. The latest release contains a little utility that finds the .URL files (or .webloc files on Mac) that are distributed across the user’s file tree, and prepares HTML files where you can copy text, or mentioned web addresses, before the site becomes unavailable.

Screenshot of an options dialog, containing three paragraphs and three bullet points of explanations, three input fields, and two radio button.

Find the the feature from the Advanced > Miscellaneous menu > Utility for Twitter Exit. It can also be used for other formats such as old Internet Explorer files (.WEBSITE) that are becoming unavailable, and for other sites.

(Currently it does not offer to write back into your original folders, e.g. the new .URL files next to the defunct .WEBSITE files. The rationale behind is not to mess up with the folder last change dates structure which is usually a valuable salience information. If you want to discuss this please contact us.

2. The second addition is a new importer from TSV (TAB-separated values) format, e.g. for nodes and edges that are extracted from a database.

For each node and edge we need an input line with three values, separated by the TAB character.

  • Nodes are specified by ID, Label, and Detail;
  • edges are specified by a switch and two IDs.

Find detailed explanations after selecting MapTSV from the Import Wizard.

As usual, the new functions are not yet in the MSI or DMG distribution files, just JAR — and of course as source code on GitHub.