New importer

I am currently participating in a course with already more than 40 PowerPoint presentations, and I wanted to get an overview of all the slides at once.

A screenshot of the 18 % zoomed-out map. There are 6 groups with 5-10 vertical strings of unrecognizable items each; annotated with "week 1" through 6.

Furthermore, I exported the bullet point texts etc. for each slide into a plain text file such that these files can be processed e.g. by corpus linguistic tools to extract the key concepts which then, in turn, can be dropped onto the large overview map and can be connected.

In case you have a similar goal: here is the new feature. Try it out with the Import Wizard, then drop each preso directly onto the canvas, ideally after specifying Advanced > Dropping > “Appending dropped stuff” as disabled.

Note that the new feature is currently only available in the Java (.JAR) file, not in the .MSI or .DMG distribution formats.