New functions for links and arcs

The latest release contains two new functions that were inspired by large linear mappings such as Deniz Cem Önduygu’s History of Philosophy.

  1. To enter these links, it is sometimes easier to select the endpoints from a list rather than finding them on the map. This can now be done with Link from List available from Advanced > Miscellaneous submenu.
  2. To see how your own map looks like in the linear format with links shown as arcs, select To HTML with arcs from the Export menu, after vertically arranging the links bottom-up. For example, download this selection from the above source (Philosophy of Mind), edit it, and view its arcs.

Note that the new functions are currently not available in the .msi and .dmg distribution formats, only in Java .jar.

Screenshot of the Link from List function, with 3 dialog windows over the main window: First letter, Source, and Target.