Since this independent non-commercial application is not on the proprietary App Stores, there will be intimidating warnings when you download it. If you don’t have experience with downloading such free software, the best thing is to ask a friend.

For example, in Microsoft Edge, hover over the warning to reveal an extra “More options” (three dots) button,

Two screenshots of download warnings "... isn't commonly downloaded", one without and one with the extra option.

then choose “keep”:

Screenshot of download options include "Delete", "Keep"

Next, find the “Keep anyway” button hidden behind “Show more”:

Screenshots of two download warnings, one with "Show more" and the other with "Keep anyway".

Similarly, when you click it to install, there is a “Run anyway” option hidden behind a “More Info” link:

Screenshots of two blue warnings "Don't run", one with "more info", the other one with "Run anyway".

Similarly, the installer will claim that I were an unknown publisher until you reveal my name and address with “Show more details”:

Photos of two warnings on the screen, one with "Show more details" and the other with the details including my name and address.

Eventually, you will find the installed app among “All apps” under ‘M’ and my name:

Screenshot of a clipping of "All apps" near the letter 'M', showing the app folder carrying my name and below this, the app icon "condensr-1.0"

On the Mac

On the Mac, there may not even be hints about how to get the app anyway. You may have to go to “System Preferences” > “Security & Privacy” > “General” to “Allow apps downloaded from:” “App store and identified developers”:

If you are unfamiliar with this, ask a friend, don’t just ignore the warnings.

When you try to open a downloaded file with a normal (left-) click, they may even claim it cannot be done, until you right-click or CTRL + click it.