Minor update: more layout functions

In addition to “Make Tree” and “DAG layout”, there is now a function called “Make Circle”. It takes a complex graph and sets aside the simpler patterns such as trees and chains, and arranges the remaining core nodes into a circle where any node can be connected to any other node. The result is much less cluttered,

Two complex graphs, one before and one after the transformation described in the text.

and the related items are closer to each other — which makes it easier to detect new relevant connections! To see for yourself, you can manipulate the before and after version in the web demo, or watch a video on YouTube. (It is a genuine map from my desktop, anonymized by xxxs.)

The video also shows the other new function which is available when you rightclick an icon: “Tree Layout”. It tries to find all hierarchically connected neighbor icons and format their subtree, or it highlights a cyclic path if a subtree cannot be found.

Note that currently, these functions are only available in the Java versions, not in the MSI, DMG, or Web Demo versions.