New release

The newest release has a little change that is incompatible with the previous behavior. A rarely used function is now disabled by default and can be enabled via the Advanced menu: “Cluster Drag&Drop“.

Then you can copy an entire cluster of connected nodes by clicking any connector line and dragging it with a modified drag, i.e. ALT+Drag, or Drag with the third/ middle mouse-button (wheel), or after a double-click. This behavior often happened when it was not intended, so it was safer to offer it only for users who know what they expect.

Similarly, there is now a modified drag possible when you click on the backdrop canvas: this will draw a rubberband rectangle which selects a section from the map to be moved. This new function is also enabled via the Advanced menu (“Rubberband selection enabled”), since it might confuse users who just want the simple form of selection (clusters, or single items).

Furthermore, there is a function under Advanced called  Parsing dropped HTML which helps importing from structured web pages such as wikis.

A minor addition in the new release includes an Import from, and an Export to, a mapping application called